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Kamis, 05 Januari 2012

Swimming (sport)

The race started swimming in Europe around the year 1800. Most of the swimmers swim using breaststroke. In 1873, John Arthur Trudgen introduced the style in the race-romba trudgen swimming freestyle after imitating the Indian tribes. As a result of the British dislike of swimming movement that splashed water all over the place, Trudgen replace freestyle leg movements are whipped up and down the leg movements such as the scissor-style pool side.
Swimming was one of the sports that are contested since the Olympic Games Athens 1896. Number pool princess contested since 1912 Stockholm Olympics. In 1902, Richard Cavill introduced the front crawl swimming. The International Swimming Federation was formed in 1908. Butterfly style first developed in the 1930s. At first, butterfly style is a variation of the breaststroke before considered as a style of its own pool in 1952.
In the Netherlands Indies, United Swimming Bandung (Bandungse Zwembond) was founded in 1917. In the following year founded the United Swim West Java (West Java Zwembond), United Swimming and East Java (Java Zwembond Oost) was founded in 1927. Since then the race began swimming across regions are often held. Record in the championships are also listed as a record in the Netherlands. [1]
In 1936, the Dutch East Indies swimmer named Pet Stam record of 59.9 seconds for the 100m freestyle in the pool Cihampelas Bandung. Pet Stam sent as a representative of the Netherlands at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Unity Swim All Indonesia was established March 21, 1951, and as a member of the International Swimming Federation since the following year. Indonesia swimmers participating in a race in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. [1]
Facilities and equipment
Swimming pool
The main article for this section are: Olympic-sized pool
The length of the pool is 50 m path length while short-track is 25 m. In the specification of the International Swimming Federation to set an Olympic-sized swimming pool 50 m long and 25 m. wide pool The minimum pool depth of 1.35 meters, 1.0 m starting from the first track to at least 6.0 m is calculated from the walls of the pool which is equipped beams start. Minimum depth in the other part is 1.0 m. [2]
The track width of at least 2.5 m with a distance of at least 0.2 m beyond the first track and last track. [2] Each track is separated by a long rope the same path with the path lengths.
Rope trajectory consists of a series of small buoys on a rope whose length is equal to the length of the track. Buoys on the rope circling trajectory can be when exposed to water waves. Rope trajectories distinguished by color: green for trajectories 1 and 8, blue for trajectory 2, 3, 6, and 7, and yellow for the trajectories 4 and 5. [2]
Swimmers are placed on the track based on time records in the preliminary round (heat). In the pool berlintasan odd, the fastest swimmers seeded in the trajectory at the center. In pool 8 track, the fastest swimmers are placed on the track 4 (on the track 3 for swimming trajectory 6). [3] swimmer-swimmer with a time in a row underneath the track occupies 5, 3, 6, 2, 7, 1, and 8 .
In the international race or the race that matters, the board touch automatic timers installed on both sides of the pool wall. Thick board is only 1 cm touch. [4]
Swimmers listed on the board touch any time reversal and finish. Touch pad timer Omega production started to be used in the Pan-American Games 1967 in Winnipeg, Canada. [5]
Beams start
At the start of each block contained a loudspeaker to voice shot gun start and the start timer sensor records the time when swimmers jump from a block start.
High beams start from 0.5 m to 0.75 from the surface of the water. Beam size is 0.5 x 0.5 start m, and above it antilicin coated materials. The slope of the beam start does not exceed 10 °. [2]
Regulation of the race in the pool
On the number style swimming butterfly, breaststroke, and freestyle, swimmers perform starting position on the starting blocks. Body bent toward the water with your knees slightly bent.
In the backstroke number, starting position in the water carried by the body facing the pool wall. Both hand held an iron grip on the starting blocks, while the foot rests on the wall of the pool, and both knees bent between the two arms. Backstroke starting position is also used by the first swimmer in the medley relay.
The referee calling the start of the swimmers with a long whistle blast to climb onto the block start (getting in the water for backstroke and medley relay). Swimmers are in a starting position after the cue Ready (Take your marks in English) shouted by referee starts. [6] Start declared invalid if the swimmers jump from the beam before the start cue. [7] To the shot gun start begins , swimmer's body must be in a state of silence.
Race number
Main article: List of swimming world records
Swimming races consist of numbers according to the mileage race, sex, and four styles of swimming (freestyle, butterfly, backstroke, and breaststroke). Numbers of sons and daughters who swim in the Olympics diperlombakan:
• Freestyle: 50 m, 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, 800 m (daughter), 1500 m (boys)
• The style butterfly: 100 m, 200 m
• Style your back: 100 m, 200 m
• Chest Style: 100 m, 200 m.
• replace individual style: 200 m and 400 m
• Style replace relay: 4 x 100 m
• Freestyle relay: 4 x 100 m, 4 x 200 m
• Marathon 10 km. [8]
The International Swimming Federation recognizes the world record son / daughter to swim numbers:
• Freestyle: 50 m, 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, 800 m, 1500 m
• Style back: 50 m, 100 m, 200 m
• Style Chest: 50 m, 100 m, 200 m
• The style butterfly: 50 m, 100 m, 200 m
• replace individual style: 100 m (short-track only), 200 m, 400 m
• Freestyle relay: 4 × 100 m, 4 × 200 m
• Style replace relay: 4 × 100 m [9]
In the individual medley number, a swimmer wearing four forces alternately for one round, the following order: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. On the number pool 100 m individual medley, a race held in short-track pool 25 m.
In the 4 x 100 m medley relay, a team of four individuals represented each swimmer to swim 100 m. The first swimmer to swim the backstroke start, swimmers continued breaststroke, butterfly swimmer, and terminated by a freestyle swimmer.
The International Swimming Federation has a list of brands and types of approved swimsuits in swimming races. [10] allowed Swimmers wearing bathing cap and swimming goggles. Swimmers can choose to wear glasses, goggles minus, or wearing contact lenses with normal goggles.
Swimmers are not allowed to wear a bathing suit or a tool that can affect the speed, buoyancy or endurance during a race, such as webbed gloves, frog legs, fins, and so on. [6]

History of Football

The origins of the history of the emergence of sport and football is still contentious. Some of the documents explained that football was born since Roman times, partly explaining football originated from China. FIFA as world football's governing body formally declared that football was born from mainland China that originated from a game of Chinese society until the 2nd century BC to the 3rd. The sport was known as "tsu chu".
In one military document states, in the year 206 BC, during the reign of Tsin and Han Dynasty, Chinese society has played a ball called tsu chu. Tsu itself means "hit the ball with the foot". whereas chu, meaning "ball of the skin and no content". Ball game when it uses a ball made of animal skins, with the rules and enter it kicking and herded into a net stretched between two poles.
Version of the ancient history of football the other country comes from Japan, since the 8th century, the people there already know the game ball. The people there call it: Come here. While the ball is used deer skin, but the middle is a hole and filled with air.
According to Bill Murray, one football historian, in his book The World Game: A History of Soccer, football game has been known since the beginning of AD. At that time, people are familiar with Ancient Egypt and kicking techniques to bring the ball is made of linen cloth bundle.
Other side of history is in Ancient Greece also knows a game called episcuro, none other than the game using the ball. Evidence of this history is reflected in the museum reliefs depicting a young boy holding a ball and play with her thighs.
The history of modern football and has received recognition from various parties, their origins from the British, who played in the mid-19th century in the schools. 1857 embryo's first football club in the world, namely: Sheffield Football Club. This club is an association of schools who pursue the game of football.
In 1863, Britain stood association football, being named the Football Association (FA). The agency issuing the regulation game of soccer, so soccer became more orderly, organized, and enjoyable audience.
Subsequently in 1886 formed another entity that issued the rules of modern football as the world, namely: the International Football Association Board (IFAB). IFAB formed by the English FA to the Scottish Football Association, Football Association of Wales, and the Irish Football Association in Manchester, England.
The history of football getting tested until now IFAB is the body that issued various regulations on football games, either on game techniques, terms and duties of the referee, even until the transfer movement of the player.

How to Shrink Stomach Tips

You have tried various ways shrink belly fat? check out the article shrink the stomach following tips:
Abdominal organs was not large but has the ability to stretch and shrink according to the amount of food eaten at that time. If you consistently consume food in large portions, your stomach will gradually continue to stretch and you will need more food to make it feel full. How to shrink the stomach that can be tested is that you should still eat 3x a day with small portions. You still need to eat to keep your metabolism slows down because you do not reduce food intake drastically. By reducing prosi overeating eating tips tips shrink the stomach that is below the maximum will not work

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Tips on How to shrink belly fat with diet
Here are ways how you can do to shrink the stomach:
• Eating breakfast is about 200 calories. This can consist of a piece of toast with a little butter, one egg omelet and a half glasses of milk.
• Eat a healthful snacks, fresh fruits, fibers existing in the fresh fruit will make you fuller longer.
• Lunch is about 400 calories. approximately half the size of average portion of the Indonesian people during lunch.
• If after 2 or 3 hours from lunch that you're feeling hungry again so please take your fresh fruit as your snack.
• Dinner enough just 400 calories. These are usually foods that are most difficult to maintain 400 calories, especially if you're eating out, soon you're trying to remember how to shrink belly fat.
It should if you have tried diets that are taught over in the morning since you will not easily hungry in the afternoon. If you have difficulty with adjusting the diet would not hurt you milirik nutritional diet program that simplifies the pattern of food, especially for those with limited time.
In addition to dietary adjustments, shrink belly fat and also assisted with sports, sports that are doing cardio. Cardio exercise (also called cardiovascular exercise) is very effective in burning calories, because when your body automatically burns calories fat in the body fat will be reduced, one of the favorite places to hoard fat is in the abdomen. do the exercise as a way to shrink your belly fat.
When you have set your diet, then you have done the exercise, there's still that need your attention to shrink belly fat. Consider your habits without realizing that contributed to the emergence of a distended stomach, so pay attention to these habits as a way to shrink the stomach.
How to shrink the stomach is distended by not doing bad habits
In addition to running the troubleshooting tips shrink belly fat, you'll get maximum results if you also avoid the counter-productive habits to shrink belly fat program. Consider what it must be avoided for the sake of the success of your program
• Do not skip meals, so you should eat at least 3 times a day, but of course with a low calorie but full of nutrients.
• Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, if you trouble, you kurangin household consumption of alcoholic beverages
• Do not abstain from consuming a diet with protein.
• Do not eat (snacks or dinner) for less than 3 hours before you sleep, so if your bedtime is 22 hours, then eat your meal the maximum is 19 hours.
• Adequate sleep, sleep deprivation, including habits that are contrary to shrink the stomach tips, daily adult takes 6-7 hours of sleep to rest after a day of activity.
Good luck, good luck running tips on how to shrink belly fat, belly fat goodbye.

Diet Tips Exercise Exercise 4 Effective Ways to Lose Weight.

Cardiovascular exercise, or exercise that spurs heart rate, respiration and blood vessels is one effective way if you want to lose weight. Quoted from Livestrong, you should exercise at least 45 minutes, six days a week (for optimum results). See List of Healthy Diet Foods That Can Shrinking Belly Fat and How Natural Guessing Baby Gender Reveal Facts Behind the Myths Determining Child Sex During Pregnancy.

Appropriate training will result in a more beautiful body and shape, as well as burn excess calories and fat. What types of cardiovascular exercise that effectively sorts to lose weight? Here are the types.

1. Run
Running is one of the best cardiovascular activity to lose weight. People with body weight 68 kg can burn 893 calories per hour by running eight minutes per mile. While running for 10 minutes per mile can burn about 731 calories. But running is not necessarily suitable for everyone, especially those who have problems with disorientation and sensitive to loud sports activities.

2. Aerobics
Exercise is also effective
decrease weight because it can burn excess calories as well as beautify the shape hips and thighs. People with body weight 68 kg can burn about 357 calories through aerobic exercise for one hour. But the results can differ, depending on how high the activities you do during aerobics.

3. Bicycle
Those weighing 68 kg can burn between 560 to 850 calories per hour, with cycling about 15 to 18 miles per hour. Cycling is a sport to lose weight that almost everyone can do as little likely to cause injury to the muscles. Cycling can be done alone or in groups. Hold a small race around the streets surrounding the complex to the spirit of cycling more.

4. Swim
Swimming is also one of the effective exercise to burn calories, and less likely to cause injury to the hinge. Water sports are also very good for the whole body as it makes nearly all the muscles of the body work while swimming. Those weighing 70 kg could pay the calories between 497 and 523, depending on the style and speed swimming.